Wednesday, 28 April 2010

第五站:红屋 • Christ Church + Tower Clock

傍晚的马六甲,太阳依然猛烈。撑着伞,还是走到红色的基督教圣公会(Christ Church)和钟楼(Tower Clock)。第一次来这里,好像是在小学六年级的毕业旅行……那是N年前的事了。过后有到过几次,但是次数不多。嗯,我喜欢马六甲,就像我喜欢槟城。以后要常来,而且还要选一个星期天来这里崇拜。


Built by the Dutch in 1753 to commemorate the centenary of their occupation of Malacca, this church took 12 years to complete. No expense was spared in building it – from the wooden ceiling beams, each cut from a single tree, to the elaborately hand-craved pews and frieze of “The Last Supper”. When the British took over the church in 1795, they put in a few additions, most notably the weathercock atop the bell tower, Originally a Cutch Reform Church, it was later consecrated as Anglican Church.

This Tower Clock was given to the people of Malacca in 1886 by Mr. Tan Jiak Kim to fulfill the wishes of his father, the late Tan Bee Swee. In 1982, SEIKO-K HATTORI & CO. Ltd. Japan, donated as a gesture of goodwill, a new clock to the people of Malacca to replace the original which is now exhibited at the Malacca Museum.

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  1. oh! 我第一次去馬六甲也是小六畢業旅行 wakakakaa


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